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How would you like inside access to Newsweek's #1 ranked public high school? Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology is the nation's most competitive school for new admissions.

Failure to prepare can make or break your application. Make sure you read the most comprehensive guide to TJ admissions on the internet before you apply for the best chance of success.

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What's In the Guide?

Our guide contains insider knowledge on the following topics:


Learn how to identify and avoid the most common application mistakes and put your child a step ahead of their competition.

Key Dates

Your calendar will be full throughout the admissions process. Make use of our timetable to keep on top of those all-important dates.

Admissions Test

Find out how to ace the admissions test and book your child a place in the semi-final stage of the application procedure.


Your application is determined by its recommendations. Find out how to earn the approval of the admissions committee.


The Student Information Sheet is a source of mystery that stumps many applicants. Our expert tips will provide you with clarity.


There is more to Thomas Jefferson than just life inside the classroom. Find out whether your child will thrive in the TJ environment.









The Most Competitive Admission Rate in the Nation

But we're confident our comprehensive guide will ensure you have the best possible chance of admission.

"Congratulations! You are being offered admission to the 2016-2017 Freshman Class at Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJHSST). ..."

TJHSST Acceptance Notification

Imagine reading those words on your acceptance notification. Each spring, parents just like you eagerly log into the online admissions portal to discover if their child earned one of the few coveted spots at TJ.

If your child is accepted, then you know your hard work has finally paid off. You've been able to give your child a boost in life by gaining them admission to the top ranked public high school in the country.

But getting into this success factory requires overcoming VERY daunting odds...

In 2016, 2,868 students applied for admission to TJHSST. 1,280 of those students qualified for the semifinalist pool and only 483 were granted admission. That is an acceptance rate of less than 17%, making TJ more selective than elite universities like Cornell, Georgetown, and Johns Hopkins.

That's why we’ve worked tirelessly to compile The Definitive TJHSST Guide to help you through the TJ admissions process. We’ll show you exactly how to achieve admission with minimal stress or expense and maximum chance of success.

The Definitive TJHSST Guide is available right now as a FREE digital download.


Here are the answers to the questions you should be asking.

  • My child is in excellent academic standing. Isn’t that enough to get into TJ?

    A strong academic standing is the bare minimum expectation when applying for Thomas Jefferson. You’ll come up against stiff competition throughout the 4-8 month application process, and must be able to demonstrate an aptitude for math and science.

  • My child has a couple of B’s. What are his chances of getting into TJ?

    The selection process varies with each incoming class, but is always determined by GPA and admission test scores. Eligibility test scores must fall within certain boundaries to advance to the semi-final selection stage.

  • My child is in the eighth grade. Is that too late to apply to TJ?

    Most applicants are in the eighth grade. While some students are accepted in the sophomore and junior years, the admission criteria is different. Starting the application process before the eighth grade provides the best chance of acceptance.

  • My child just started middle school. Isn’t it too early to be thinking about TJ?

    Applications are a long-term process and should be treated as such. Your child will need to be able to develop a well-rounded academic aptitude, with focus on math and science, and display outstanding curricular habits. The sooner you can cultivate this mindset, the better.

  • I’ve read other resources on TJ admissions. What makes this e-book so special?

    We have compiled a definitive resource with expert insight into the Thomas Jefferson admissions procedure. Our book goes above and beyond any other available resource elsewhere to provide you with a cohesive guide to TJ admissions.

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